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By Jon Hellevig

A Finnish medical doctor Antti Heikkila has fallen prey of an unprecedented persecution by Finland’s globalist elite for the crime of publishing a book about the importance of healthy lifestyles. Heikkila argues, that a correct diet and exercise is your best option for staying healthy and leading a life without drug dependency. He convincingly puts forward a theory that the chronic ailments and mass diseases of Western society all are caused by excess consumption of sugars, like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol, Alzheimer etc. Hereby all carbohydrates must be considered as sugar, thus the problem is with eating cereal based food, bread, pasta etc., and also potatoes. He then argues for a keto diet, where you should mainly get your energy from fat, allowing 50 grams of carbs (which is not all that little at the end of the analysis).

The Finnish establishment has been critical of Dr. Heikkila already long, since his first book which argued that diabetes can be kept under control (without need for insulin injections) with the same healthy diet. This is easily verifiable, and there are a myriad of research reports which confirm it. In fact, most Western countries have accepted the idea, but not Finland. But now, after he published his second book titled A Life Without Drugs the establishment went berserk and launched a no holds barred campaign to take him out.

Finland’s two leading totalitarian propaganda outlets the state broadcasting company Yle and the private Helsingin Sanomat (popularly called the Pravda of Finland; I would argue that Völkischer Beobachter would be even a more suitable denomination for it) wrote libelous fake reviews of the book. Next the medical doctors association (sponsored by Big Pharma) denounced it. (The diabetes patients’ association came out against Dr. Heikkila already after the first book, not wanting to risk all those Big Pharma corporate junkets).
Next the two biggest retailers withdrew his book from sales. (The Finnish S Group, SOK, SOKOS, and the Finnish K-group).

Next, he got fired from the private clinic (Eira) in Helsinki where he has for three decades successfully treated patients with these ideas.

So, it really is a totalitarian persecution. Why? Me it reminds about the persecution of Galileo Galilei and such people who went against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, and every other authoritarian power structure. It’s a combination of everything that is wrong: their money, their power, their beliefs, their hurt feelings. The feeling when you are close to dying and you want to remain in denial that you have been wrong about the core of your supposed knowledge.

Of course this is nothing particular to Finland, it is the same all over the Western world. There are credible reports on doctors even being killed in some countries for their research. And there are 100% sure reports of doctors being ostracized for their research, fired from their positions and being banned from publishing.

The point is not even if Heikkila is right or wrong (he is right, there is no doubt about it) but the fact that he is being persecuted for presenting an alternative view. Hereby, Dr. Heikkila argues entirely immanently within the Western accepted medical theory, referring to Harvard and in other such institutions performed research.

One particular interesting point here is that the elite propagandists attack Dr. Heikkila for “being too particular” i.e. for referring to concrete research data. We (the elite), “we tend to believe more in the entire body of knowledge,” they openly say. This so-called entire body of knowledge is the culmination of their believes based on all the accumulated historic wrong data (now proven wrong). Here we have the Catholic Church again, you reject scientific data by reference to your faith. OK, let the religious people do it, but not those who decide on our nutrition and drugs.

The money, the pressure from the main beneficiaries of this health scam are of course the main causes for this persecution. Big Pharma who want to continue killing people for the sake of their profits. The food processing industry which is feeding the people with toxic wastes. The retailers (SOK and K-group) who sell that poison, and really nothing else.

OK. Heikkila is a pretty smart guy and he’s old enough and has honestly earned enough to be independent from that totalitarian band. And he lives most of the time in Hamburg, far away from the totalitarian dump of Helsinki.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1863778213751562&id=100003582050638

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