Fauci: COVID Booster Shots Will Be Needed Every 8 Months

  Joe Biden’s top health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said the U.S. is on track to administer COVID booster shots every eight months. In a Sunday appearance on MSNBC’s “Meet… Read more

Agenda 2030 To Dismantle America

The globalist construct is impatiently announcing the enforcement of United Nations Agenda 2030 policy even before the doddering puppet Joe Biden shuffles off his meaningless President Elect status. Canadian Prime… Read more

Nigel Farage: The police knocked on my door because I filmed this video…

Brexit leader Nigel Farage was visited by police officers Monday, warning him to observe the “essential travel” rules after he reported on illegal boat migrants arriving in Dover. On Monday,… Read more


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The True Agenda Of The World Health Organization

A historical look at the globalist, pro-vaccine, Big-Pharma, Communist background of the World Health Organization Read more

END GAME 3: Globalists’ Final Solution

Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are attempting to collapse civilization within the next six months by intensifying their migrant fueled destabilization of the west alongside the chemical castration… Read more

Globalists Mistake Patience Of Patriots For Weakness

Alex Jones breaks down the spiritual battle that lies ahead of everyone who chooses to stand on the side of liberty and truth. Source: https://www.brighteon.com/6010917770001 Read more

Globalists’ Master Plan: Getting Humanity To Adapt To Its Own Extermination

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Gay rights. We can all agree with the idea that just because you are gay, you should not have your rights violated. However, the desire to keep pushing LBGT issues… Read more

Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

David Rothschild, ultra-liberal scion of the wealthiest jewish banking dynasty in the world, has gone on a profane Twitter rant against President Donald Trump who dared to criticize their Federal Reserve Bank,… Read more

Towards a Model of the Deep State

The integrity initiative has shown us more of the deep state than, perhaps, ever revealed before. Rather than occasional crises generating desperate acts, it is now visible as a well… Read more

[Video] Dr. Nick Begich: The NWO Project Is Doomed To Fail

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