MUST SEE INTERVIEW! Breaking the Back of Censorship with Independent Media, Steven Crowder Joins Infowars in the Fight for Free Speech

Steven Crowder of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the fight against censorship by empowering independent media. Read more

Musk Suggests Poll Result Saying He Should Step Down as Twitter CEO Rigged by Bots

Elon Musk appeared to agree with suggestions that the poll he ran to determine whether he should step down as Twitter CEO was rigged by bots, and that the poll… Read more

Amazon’s Woke Lord Of The Rings Is The Death Rattle Of Social Justice Content

Modern social justice in all of its forms is communism. The political left doesn’t want to admit it openly, but there is no way around it and there is no… Read more

New Zealand Great Reset Tyranny

New Zealand now under the total control of World Economic Forum through puppet Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The new tyranny is finally rearing its ugly head as the graduates of the World… Read more

The Mind Control Police: The US Government’s War on Thought Crimes and Truth-Tellers

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”— George Orwell The U.S. government, which speaks in a language of force, is afraid of its citizenry. What… Read more

Judge Napolitano: Durham May Be Targeting Obama in the Spygate Investigation

Judge Andrew Napolitano of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the state of the Durham investigation into spying on the Trump campaign and what the mounting evidence… Read more

Canadian Doctor Calls Out Fellow Physicians for Being Complicit in State Sanctioned Murder for Covid Mandates

Dr. Roger Hodkinson calling out his fellow medical professionals for being complicit in state sponsored murder for their medical tyranny Covid response. Subscribe to our newsletter to bypass the big… Read more

Globalists Only Planning to PAUSE Lockdowns, Masks, Forced-Injections Long Enough Until Large Crowds Disappear

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Medical Tyranny Power Grab Collapsing as Authoritarians Call for Violence to Eradicate Peaceful Protesters

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Eric Clapton: Vaccinated People Under The Spell of ‘Mass Formation Hypnosis’

UK rock icon downloads on the COVID hysteria, the media’s role, the draconian mandates, and more. British rock legend Eric Clapton spoke out against the experimental COVID injections and the… Read more

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions… For Now

Under intense pressure Boris Johnson has put an end to COVID mask and vaccine passport mandates, until the next variant is released. Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home… Read more

Dems Plot to Prosecute Trump Over January 6 to Prevent Him Running in 2024

Senate Democrats are plotting to have Attorney General Merrick Garland prosecute Donald Trump over January 6 in a bid to block him from running for president in 2024. Several Democrat… Read more