Amazon’s Woke Lord Of The Rings Is The Death Rattle Of Social Justice Content

Modern social justice in all of its forms is communism. The political left doesn’t want to admit it openly, but there is no way around it and there is no… Read more

Starbucks Terminated Employee Over Refusal to Wear LGBT ‘Pride’ Shirt, Lawsuit Claims

Christian woman says she was fired after voicing opposition to pro-gay propaganda A former Starbucks employee says she was fired after she opposed being coerced to wear company t-shirts promoting… Read more


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Pew Poll: White Liberals More Likely To Be Mentally Ill And Depressed

2/n Somewhat surprisingly, this difference further grows when we add standard controls — Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) April 11, 2020 4/n The differences are more modest here, but still significant… Read more

SJW urinalist gets butthurt by YouTuber because of his indifference to LGBTQ video game characters lol Read more

University Unveils ‘All Gender’ Bathrooms

Unisex restrooms deemed not inclusive enough An Australian university has unveiled ‘all gender’ bathrooms to the replace less inclusive ‘unisex’ restrooms. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) changed the designation of some… Read more

3 Insane Stories Out Of Politically Correct UK

Political correctness in the UK has reached unprecedented levels of insanity as the left eats itself alive. Related: THE LBGT AGENDA, TRANSHUMANISM, AND THE PUSH FOR POPULATION CONTROL Source: Read more

Shock Video: Bill Maher Openly Endorses Pedophilia As “Love”

Leftist “comedian” makes a joke about Covington Catholic High School students being raped Owen Benjamin joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the decades-old interview where Bill Maher,… Read more

NFL debut for male cheerleaders

Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Napoleon Jinnies performs together with his fellow dancers © AFP / Harry How NFL fans have reacted to the news that male cheerleaders will perform at… Read more


Gay rights. We can all agree with the idea that just because you are gay, you should not have your rights violated. However, the desire to keep pushing LBGT issues… Read more

‘Having a penis and competing as a woman is not fair’: Tennis legend Navratilova

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was forced to apologize for comments she made on social media saying that natural born men who ‘proclaim themselves female’ should not be allowed to compete… Read more