Latest update on Tommy Robinson from Belmarsh Prison

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Latest update from Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh Prison

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White House Petition Demands political asylum For Tommy Robinson

UK’s corrupt judicial system endangering Robinson’s life A White House petition demanding President Trump to grant Tommy Robinson political asylum has been opened in an effort to rescue the journalist… Read more

Breaking news! Tommy Robinson appeals to President Trump for political ayslum

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Tommy speaks out against the blatantly politically decision by UK’s top judges to find him guilty on trumped up charges Read more

UK rape gang victim SPEAKS OUT

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Black Rappers Enter Islamic No-Go Zone & Are Attacked

A$AP Rocky and his crew were attacked and harassed by an entitled alleged sexual assaulter in Stockholm, and were arrested for standing up for themselves.   Read more

NZ Mosque Attack: “To Start US Civil War”

A look into the mindset of the New Zealand mass murderer The NZ shooter said his goal was to start a US civil war by goading the left into initiating… Read more

Is The Religion Of Islam Considered Toxic Masculinity?

Editor’s comment: Of course Islam will not be categorized by the “mainstream” as “toxic masculinity” because the real purpose of this label is for it to be used to denigrate… Read more

2018: The Year That The Establishment Wanted Tommy Robinson Murdered!

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MUST WATCH! No Borders: Globalists Have Weaponized Migration To Destroy Nation States

EU headquarters under siege as people reject globalist plan for Europe The UN Migration Pact was signed by 164 governments last week, in a globalist push to usher in millions… Read more

[Video] Uprising against globalism: The truth about the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests

Are we witnessing a European Spring? The yellow vest protests are a repudiation of an arrogant, technocratic elite. They are a cry of defiance from a silent majority who have… Read more