Breaking News! Tommy Robinson released from prison!

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Tommy speaks out against the blatantly politically decision by UK’s top judges to find him guilty on trumped up charges Read more

Breaking News: Tommy Robinson guilty of contempt of court

Support Tommy – click here Tommy Robinson has been found guilty of contempt of court for doing what the so-called MSM do every day of the week. If it had… Read more

UK rape gang victim SPEAKS OUT

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MSM Doubling Down On Hate Toward Christian Children

The Covington Catholic students have now been proven innocent of any disrespectful behavior, while adults harassed them in Washington D.C. Alex Jones exposes the leftist agenda to smear Christians as… Read more

Is The Religion Of Islam Considered Toxic Masculinity?

Editor’s comment: Of course Islam will not be categorized by the “mainstream” as “toxic masculinity” because the real purpose of this label is for it to be used to denigrate… Read more

A poll revealed some 10 million Pakistanis would be willing to murder Asia Bibi, a Christian, either for her ‘blasphemy’ or for offered payment

Asia Bibi, a Christian who has been in prison for Pakistan for nearly 10 years and who until recently was facing execution for “blasphemy,” is seen in an undated photograph… Read more