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After he held a demonstration at BBC headquarters Sunday where thousands gathered to protest the fake news BBC’s Panorama investigation of him, Tommy Robinson released his #Panodrama documentary exposing how the network worked with radical far left organizations to “take down Tommy Robinson.”

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The documentary catches BBC employees “blackmailing” former Robinson associates “to invent stories,” as well as BBC employees “caught on camera suggesting they could edit” Robinson’s conversations to create #MeToo-style allegations against him.

On Tuesday – a day after #Panodrama debuted on YouTube – Tommy’s profiles were deleted off Instagram and Facebook, where he had over a million followers, for allegedly violating their policies on hateful conduct. He was banned off of Twitter last March for similar violations.

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Alex Jones interviewed Tommy about the ongoing crackdown on free speech with Robinson being a key example of how the establishment wants to not only silence opposition voices but put them in jail.

Source: https://www.infowars.com/tommy-robinson-documentary-panodrama-being-blocked-everywhere/

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