Facebook Whistleblower Reveals “Routine Supression” Of Conservative Content

A former Facebook employee turned whistleblower has revealed that the social media giant engages in “routine suppression” of conservative pages through various methods, confirming internal documents and presentation materials Project Veritas obtained from a… Read more

Facebook Bans Tommy Robinson Just Hours After He Exposed BBC False Flag

Tommy Robinson has been banned on Facebook and Instagram for “hate speech”, but the timing appears convenient since he recently released a documentary on a plot by the BBC to… Read more

YouTube De-Lists ALL “Conspiracy” Videos, Effectively Silences All Non-MSM Sources

Editor’s comment: First they came for Alex Jones… The days of free expression and citizen journalism on social media are coming to an end as the establishment force only their… Read more

Google Leak Reveals ‘Huge Teams’ Involved in Manually Altering Search Results

Leaked internal post contradicts CEO Sundar Pichai’s sworn testimony before Congress CEO Sundar Pichai testified that Google doesn’t interfere with search results, but a leak suggests otherwise A leaked internal… Read more

Chinese Retailers Slash iPhone Prices, Say They Aren’t Worth The Cost

After Apple lowered its first-quarter sales forecast, new iPhones have not been performing well in China and are being sold with steep discounts soon after their release.   Sales of Apple’s… Read more

President Trump Ends The Prohibition Of Hemp

Mike Adams praises President Trump for finally ending the unnecessary prohibition on hemp, a very useful crop that can be used for human consumption, but it can also be used… Read more

Minds boycotts Google, Facebook, Patreon

Dear Minds, Over the past few years, countless businesses and individuals have experienced a pattern of unethical and anti-competitive practices from Google, Facebook and other closed-source networks. These unfair practices,… Read more


Professor of cyber security Kevin Curran says that Google now has “God-like” power which has been weaponized for political purposes. Responding to a story about how Google considered banning Breitbart… Read more


Denies bias, secretive data collection, and algorithm manipulation Google’s “CEO”, Sundar Pichai, has officially lied to congress under oath as he continues to push the false narrative that Google does… Read more

Scientists Urge World To Share DNA In Centralized Database “For Your Protection”… what could possibly go wrong?!

Between the ever-encroaching eye of Big Brother, the imminent events of pre-crime AI, the exposure of tech behemoth privacy contempt, and the inevitable ‘hack’ of any and everything online, it… Read more

[Video] Inside Soros’ War To Take Over Facebook

Source: https://www.real.video/5971395417001 Read more

[Video] Gateway Pundit interviews Infowars: BIG TECH CENSORSHIP – where’s Trump?

Gateway Pundit interviews Infowars Alex Jones and InfoWars have been hit the hardest by the the tech industry’s aggressive efforts against conservative voices. The tech giants used the excuse of… Read more