Minds boycotts Google, Facebook, Patreon

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Dear Minds,

Over the past few years, countless businesses and individuals have experienced a pattern of unethical and anti-competitive practices from Google, Facebook and other closed-source networks. These unfair practices, that we know of, include excessive surveillance, data mining, algorithm manipulation, subjective bans, inconsistent enforcement of terms and even complete de-platforming.

In response, Minds is suspending our support of all Google and Facebook products until the above mentioned items are resolved. Centralized payment platforms like Stripe (which powers Patreon) and PayPal have also been removed from our monetization systems and we are working tirelessly to evolve the Minds token into a true solution for creators. The beauty of the blockchain is that it cannot be censored.

For Android users, our mobile app can now be downloaded here: https://minds.com/mobile (also located in our footer under “Android”).

A free and open Internet is our goal, and we urge others to join us. Privacy focused alternatives such as DuckDuckGoBraveMinds and many others are emerging and gaining momentum with this strategy. Let’s boycott Google, Facebook and other networks’ manipulative business models relying on proprietary software, censorship, surveillance and unfair monopolistic business practices. The movement to #DeleteFacebook and #BanGoogle is already underway (recently featured on Redacted Tonight and CNET). The platforms we give our energy to will become the future of the web.

Minds is prepared to take any and all steps necessary to protect your digital rights. We are powered by freedom — the most powerful idea in human history. So we ask for your continued support in the ongoing fight for a free and open Internet by staying active on Minds and inviting your friends to join.


The Minds Team

Source: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/920414642387533824?__e_ct_guid=693489397709938697&campaign=global&topic=minds_news&validator=72dd588948186a78baff512a2463d9a61a857361