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Professor of cyber security Kevin Curran says that Google now has “God-like” power which has been weaponized for political purposes.

Responding to a story about how Google considered banning Breitbart from its lucrative ad network for vague, unspecified “hate speech,” Curran, professor of cyber security at the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment at Ulster University, warned that the Silicon Valley giant is out of control.


“The newly released leaked emails, which demonstrate Google employees plotting to ban Breitbart from Google AdSense, show again the God-like power companies like Google have in modern life,” said Curran.

“Here we have a company with employees who’d seen to remove the ads from a company, which relies on the dominant search engine of the Internet,” Curran told Sputnik. “Removal from the search ad market on Google would severely damage their business. It seems that Google employees were seeking to weaponize Google search for left-wing political purposes.”

Calling for greater transparency, Curran said that Google employees were abusing their power to “to punish sites which conflict with their politics” and that a “company culture” existed at Google which turns a blind eye to this abuse.

As we previously reported, following Donald Trump’s election win, Google employees discussed gaming their own search results to bury conservative media outlets.

“How many times did you see the Election now card with items from opinion blogs (Breitbart, Daily Caller) elevated next to legitimate news organizations?” asked Google engineer Scott Byer, adding, “That’s something that can and should be fixed.”


A video of a Google meeting shortly after the election which leaked in September also revealed “an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership” and a willingness to not let Trump win again.

According to Dr. Robert Epstein, Google helped shift 2 to 3 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor with bias search algorithms during the presidential election.

“Who on Earth gave these private companies the power to make decisions about what everyone in the world is going to see or not see?” asked Epstein. “These companies shouldn’t have that power, period.”