[Video] Gateway Pundit interviews Infowars: BIG TECH CENSORSHIP – where’s Trump?

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Gateway Pundit interviews Infowars

Alex Jones and InfoWars have been hit the hardest by the the tech industry’s aggressive efforts against conservative voices. The tech giants used the excuse of “misinformation,” to ban Infowars from Apple, Google, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify in September.

While the tech giants continue to severely restrict the reach of Jones and Infowars, and wiped out content of hundreds of other conservative outlets to American subscribers as part of their fight against “fake news,” the Trump administration is idly standing by. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer lamented the Republican Party’s lack of concern in an interview with The Gateway Pundit.

Source: https://www.infowars.com/owen-shroyer-how-big-tech-censorship-delivered-the-mid-terms-to-the-dems/