Dr. Kalcker: CDS helps reduce magnetism induced by vaccines

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In an exclusive interview for the Chilean magazine El Guardián de la Salud, Dr. Andreas Kalcker talked about the nanomaterial that has recently been found in vaccines, and how CDS helps reduce the magnetism that many people express after inoculation.

He also says that these are not vaccines, but something very dangerous whose composition causes embolisms and death in the short or medium term.

Orwell City offers the key excerpt below.

Esperanza (El Guardián de la Salud): I wanted to ask you —since we have been getting questions—, regarding the vaccines. Some people are very worried about the adverse effects that have been seen, and they are asking about the use of CDS. Could a person combat those effects with CDS?

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: I understand the worry.

There are groups here in Germany, and colleagues of mine who have done an analysis and found graphene in vaccines. Or this thing… magnetite. Or both in all vaccines. And in any of the brands. And, then, these compounds are used to get further transfection. That’s how it’s called.

What is transfection?

Transfection is a process that allows you to infect more with less biological material. Well, this means that with graphene in my body I’m very easy to infect with anything. And then, injecting this virus is more convenient for the pharmaceutical industry. Because instead of using the biological material —which would be the Spike protein or the virus— that I have for a single vaccine, I have it for 1,000. So, of course, I make a thousand times more money. The problem is in production.

So, I’m not saying at any time that the background of everything is something evil in the system, as some people are claiming. I’m not excluding the possibility, though. But I can say that, obviously, it’s not as simple as that. So, the issue is that the graphene that’s in the body wreaks an awful lot of havoc because it functions as a catalyst between the ferritin and the gene. And we have seen, for example, some people who become magnetized. So, this could be explained. It’s a catalyst-like effect. It’s not chemically correct to call it that, but it’s for people to understand. And there are some magnetic fields that we’ve been able to measure. I mean, sure, when anything sticks to my arm, it can be sweat, it can be electrostatic, etc.

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However, when we use a measurer, well, we get numbers. In other words, we have measured between 200 µT and 300 µT —which is a lot—, in a person who had magnetism in one arm and nothing in the other… I mean, 30 µT. That’s to say if I have 30 µT in one arm and 230 µT in the other, it gives you good reason to think. Because what is being done, exactly, is to increase the… It makes the ferritin have an iron absorbance capacity.

That is, instead of being a buffer —a balance— because ferritin is an oxireducer that levels iron levels, it begins to ‘steal’ iron from the blood cells. And when in the blood cells have been… Reduced? No. How do you say in English? Depleted! When the blood cells are depleted from iron, we have an embolism. So that’s very clear because we need to have enough oxygen.

And, little by little —because it’s not immediate—, in the medium term, people will definitely have several problems. It’s not the graphene itself. Nor is it the other one per se. It’s the combination of this that makes it tremendously dangerous. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t work. Because it has been seen with the statistical increase in the number of cases of death that there have been with vaccines.

For example, in Bolivia, we saw, compared to last year, a reduction to 0 or 2 deaths per day in the whole country after allowing the use of CDS. When there were more than 100 deaths in August after just introducing the vaccines, the death rate skyrocketed. There is a parallelism in all countries when you do the statistical calculations. Then, the vaccine has already officially caused more than 10,000 deaths. There were not 10,000 deaths. It’s only 10,000 that are official. However, sources from other doctors are talking about more than 50 and 60 thousand deaths at least.

I remember that with the swine flu vaccine that was available years ago, there were very few deaths. Only 50 deaths were enough to cancel the vaccination campaign in all countries. So, there isn’t a cat out of the bag. There is a tiger out of the bag. And it stinks.

Esperanza (El Guardián de la Salud): Yes, that’s a big topic that can be explored in great depth. Well…

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: We have seen that COMUSAV doctors —an institution that’s in 23 countries in the world, already, and that counts with more than 5,000 doctors who’re using CDS— are reporting to us that the vaccine-damaged patients who are being treated with CDS are actually recovering. To what exact extent…

In the case of graphene… With graphene, I see it difficult. But it reduces, let’s say, the magnetism that graphene has caused in people. Because of graphene… Graphene oxide, which is oxidized graphene, becomes magnetic when it comes into contact with hydrogen. So, with CDS there are chemical reactions that reduce these protons and, therefore, the patients recover. However, I don’t see it as a carte blanche to say, ‘Well, I’m going to get vaccinated because I’m going on vacation.’

Esperanza (El Guardián de la Salud): Sure. Yes. Not enough is known about the effects that graphene has on the body anyway.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: The problem is that we have seen that many of the vaccinated people get sick soon after they take the shot. Because it isn’t a vaccine. This thing that is being called a vaccine really isn’t a vaccine. It’s a genetic experiment that causes your own body to be creating the Spike proteins. That’s the part of the vaccine that actually hurts you. And we’ve seen that people who have been vaccinated at birth or who have been genetically treated, eventually, their relatives (their children) who haven’t been treated, caught the coronavirus, the so-called Delta strain.

There are more cases of the variant or the strain. And we are seeing an increase in deaths, especially in young people. There are many of them. And they die easily. So, yes, there is a reaction. Academically or scientifically, it has not been proven yet because the different studies have not been done. But doctors are definitely reporting it.

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