[Videos] Australians are rising up!

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Epic videos out of Australia show what the power of the people looks like when they finally stand up to COVID martial law tyranny.

One of the most defining videos of the mass protests in Australia shows a man simply standing his ground while a furious armor-clad riot police officer intimidatingly approaches him and orders him to leave.

But the officer quickly wilts and retreats in the face of the defiant man.

Other scenes from Melbourne show thousands of people taking to the streets to defy the government’s draconian lockdown orders.

These renewed protests sparked in Melbourne after officials announced construction sites would be closed for two weeks amid concerns that the workers were spreading COVID-19.

Additionally, construction workers are also now required to receive at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine before being allowed to return to work.

The police have been clearly outnumbered and outmanned since the people began protesting en masse since last week.

This video shows an exasperated police officer admitting he also hates the lockdowns and protests and is struggling like everybody else, but he’s getting paid to quell the uprising as part of his job.

The civilian speaking to him encourages him to just stop enforcing the tyranny and the chaos would disappear.

It appears Australia is becoming the new battleground for freedom as the tyrannical government accelerates the COVID restrictions despite relatively few deaths in the country in 2021.

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