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Alex Jones Is A Really Good Death Metal Vocalist

Talented Death Metal Band Creates Informative, Frightening & Funny Alex Jones Mash-up Songs

Using this truly Americana genre is a great way to wake people up and reach out to new truth-seekers!

A talented death metal musician has produced several extremely entertaining songs featuring the informative rants of Alex Jones to spread the word about the fight against globalism.

Musician Josh Steffan utilizes his talents and the in-your-face information and famously gritty voice of Alex Jones to create entertaining but educational music videos about GMOs, eugenics, the abortion industry, vaccine dangers, endless wars, and much more.

Everybody knows Jones’ voice and rants are perfect for metal and rock music, which have been proliferated in many user-made songs such as this one with Jones impersonating Hillary Clinton.

Shout out to Infowarrior Metal V for producing this hilarious metal music video below!

Alex Jones’ trademark rants have even become a mega meme in this catchy 2017 viral Bon Iver-like folk song by Super Deluxe.

By Editor