YouTube Deletes Infowars Video On Christchurch Shooting

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Big tech censors want New Zealand mosque massacre footage memory-holed

A video by Infowars reporter Greg Reese highlighting anomalies found in the footage of the Christchurch shooting has been deleted by YouTube for allegedly violating their guidelines.

The video was a compilation of questions already posed by many internet users who also ask the underlying question of why they want to make it illegal to simply possess the footage.

Always ahead of the curve, Infowars uploaded the video to our own video hosting platform for your viewing pleasure before it was ever removed by the Google subsidiary.

YouTube claims the content “contains violent or graphic footage posted in a sensational or exploitative manner.”

See the takedown notice for yourself in the image below:

This only the latest example of the increasingly PC world of the internet as it becomes more and more controlled by censor-happy mega-corporations.