‘Looks like a big win’: Nigel Farage’s Brexit party sailing to victory in EU elections – exit polls

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage leaves a polling station after voting in the European elections, in Biggin Hill, Britain, May 23, 2019. © REUTERS/Hannah McKay The euroskeptic Brexit Party headed… Read more

A Quarter of French Believe ‘Elites’ Using Mass Migration to ‘Replace’ Native Europeans

The study found that 27 per cent of French believe in an “Illuminati” of elites who control the population A study claims that up to a quarter of the French… Read more


Silencing of conservatives reaching a cultural and political tipping point Philosopher and political commentator Stefan Molyneux delivered a critical speech at the European Parliament last week to sound the alarm… Read more

Nigel Farage: We’ll be even more defiant if forced to fight a second referendum

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiUNpH67Ea0&w=1280&h=720] Related: Nigel Farage on WW1 & the left’s attempt to rewrite history Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiUNpH67Ea0 Read more

Shocking video shows fireman Yellow Vest protestor shot in the back of the head by French police

A fireman who joined France‘s Yellow Vest protest movement is in a coma after being shot in the head ‘like a rabbit’ by a police officer using a controversial flash ball… Read more

French President Macron: Yellow Vests are ‘Hateful Mobs’ of ‘Racists’

France’s out-of-touch leader claims uprising targets jews and ‘homosexuals’ French President Emanuel Macron accuses the Yellow Vests of being a ‘hateful mob’ After thousands of French citizens have risen up… Read more

The migrant crisis in Europe has reached unprecedented levels – and the globalists plan to import more migrants

The migrant crisis in Europe has reached unprecedented levels. Dan Lyman of InfoWars Europe joins Alex to discuss the collapse of the west as leftists promote open borders. Source: Read more

MUST WATCH! No Borders: Globalists Have Weaponized Migration To Destroy Nation States

EU headquarters under siege as people reject globalist plan for Europe The UN Migration Pact was signed by 164 governments last week, in a globalist push to usher in millions… Read more

[Video] Uprising against globalism: The truth about the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests

Are we witnessing a European Spring? The yellow vest protests are a repudiation of an arrogant, technocratic elite. They are a cry of defiance from a silent majority who have… Read more

[Video] Alex Jones exposes the NWO’s puppet regime in Ukraine and its latest provocation against Russia

Alex Jones breaks down how the Ukraine Government has declared Martial Law and threatened to suspend future Presidential elections based on the conflict with Russian naval ships in the Sea… Read more

[Video] Infowars FULL SHOW – The EU Officially Announces War Against European Nation States And Mega Banks Announce Mark Of The Beast Micro-chipping

French President Emmanuel Macron blasted “nationalism” during a gathering of world leaders shortly after calling for a European army. President Trump responded by making it clear that America will no… Read more