Antifa is the world’s most ‘fascist Orwellian organisation’

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Antifa is an “Orwellian organisation” who paints themselves as against tyrannical government but are “themselves the most fascist organisation” on the planet.

It comes as President Donald Trump has signalled he will classify Antifa – which stands for anti-fascist – as a terrorist organisation.

“Unfortunately, this is one of the most Orwellian organisation out there in the same way George Orwell’s Ministry for Peace was in fact the ministry for war, in the same way that Orwell’s Ministry for Truth was in fact a propaganda lying machine,” he said.

Mr Dean told Sky News host Paul Murray the only time “we’ve ever seen democracies fall is when there is mob rule,” and once anarchists like Antifa spread violence on the streets “your system of government can fail and those determined to take power hope to seize power through this”.

He said Antifa’s “soul goal is to create mayhem on the streets”