Aussie Police Urge Government to Issue No-Fly Zones Over Melbourne So People Won’t See How Massive the Anti-Government Protests Are

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World Exclusive: Aliens Reveal Themselves on CNN

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Tucker Carlson Obliterates Obama: Exposes Coup Against Trump

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Tucker Carlson: John Bolton has always been a snake

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Donald Trump Jr.: Russia probe was a hoax set up by the Democrats

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Tucker: Democrats believed Mueller would save America

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Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is now a religious cult

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[Video] Maximum Alert! Deep State Terror Cells / Antifa Initiating Civil Emergency / Civil War Trigger Operations

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[Video] An Evening with Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Are on a Ship of Fools

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[Video] FULL Tucker Carlson vs. Cenk Uygur of Young Turks Debate – Politicon 2018!

FULL Tucker Carlson vs. Cenk Uygur of Young Turks Debate – Politicon 2018! [the_ad_placement id=”post1″] Read more