Ted Cruz Releases More Footage Of Over 10,000 Migrants Under Del Rio Bridge

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Dr. Epstein: Big Tech Will ‘Go All Out’ To Defeat Trump in 2020

Dr. Robert Epstein answers questions from Senate Judiciary, Hearing on Google and Censorship and explains how Google, Facebook and Twitter will shift 15 million votes to Democrats.. Read more

More Lawmakers Lean Toward Revoking Section 230 To Regulate Big Tech Companies

When Sen. Josh Hawley introduced a bill last month aimed at regulating major internet firms, he received criticism from conservatives, libertarians, and especially from big tech itself. Now, Sens. Ted… Read more

Senator Ted Cruz calls for ‘legal action’ against Portland mayor

Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants federal authorities to investigate and prosecute the mayor of Portland, Oregon, after Cruz accused him of ordering police to allow attacks against a conservative activist;… Read more