[Video] Infowars Full Show – BOMBSHELL INFO REVISITED: Atrazine Pollutes Texas Water Supply, Transgender Agenda Targeting Children Worldwide! – 20th Nov 2018

A new report exposes the chemical Atrazine, a widely use pesticide, has been found in the Texas water supply. Furthermore, Celine Dion has released a new line of “gender-neutral” clothing… Read more

[Video] Infowars Full Show – At Last! MSM Admits Globalist George Soros Is Funding Migrant Invasion – 2nd Nov 2018

The over 156 million employed sets the twelfth record earned under President Trump just days before next week’s midterm election. Also, Democrats across the nation have been caught lying and… Read more

[Video] Infowars Full Show: Globalists Prepare False Flags, Civil Emergency & Martial Law – 29th Oct 2018

Brazil’s “Tropical Trump”, Jair Bolsonaro, won the presidential election in a sweeping victory that has globalists around the world in a panic. The former army captain pledges to follow “the… Read more