Donald Trump tells UN ‘future belongs to patriots not globalists’

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China’s “escape clause” from UN climate bullying

On this week’s episode of The Gunn Show, Tom Harris joined Sheila Gunn Reid to talk about the political absurdities behind the climate change rules promoted by local to international… Read more

END GAME 3: Globalists’ Final Solution

Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are attempting to collapse civilization within the next six months by intensifying their migrant fueled destabilization of the west alongside the chemical castration… Read more

Globalists Mistake Patience Of Patriots For Weakness

Alex Jones breaks down the spiritual battle that lies ahead of everyone who chooses to stand on the side of liberty and truth. Source: Read more

[Video] Dr. Nick Begich: The NWO Project Is Doomed To Fail

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[Video] Uprising against globalism: The truth about the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests

Are we witnessing a European Spring? The yellow vest protests are a repudiation of an arrogant, technocratic elite. They are a cry of defiance from a silent majority who have… Read more