Dems Plot to Prosecute Trump Over January 6 to Prevent Him Running in 2024

Senate Democrats are plotting to have Attorney General Merrick Garland prosecute Donald Trump over January 6 in a bid to block him from running for president in 2024. Several Democrat… Read more


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Democrats And Media Prepare Covid Lockdown Round 2

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Democrats PANICKING Because Trump Was Right About China, Media Unsurprisingly Comes To Their Defense

Democrats PANICKING Because Trump Was Right About China, Media Unsurprisingly Comes To Their Defense. Long before Trump even campaigned for president he was calling out China over bad trade deals.… Read more

Nancy Pelosi may be involved in her own Ukrainian corruption scandal

Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 28, 2019 Read more

Attorney General Barr Warns Of Deep State Destroying American Institutions

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Donald Trump Jr.: Russia probe was a hoax set up by the Democrats

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Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is now a religious cult

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US Mainstream Media nothing more than an extension of Democrat Party

Biden would never be fully-vetted if mainstream media was in charge. Read more

Curious Bedfellows: The Neocon and Progressive Alliance to Destroy Donald Trump

  The Roman poet Ovid’s masterful epic The Metamorphoses includes the memorable opening line regarding the poem’s central theme of transformation. He wrote In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas corpora, which has been… Read more

[Video] Red Alert! Deep State Dems Have Already Initiated Martial Law, Trump Must Act Now!

Although Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016, the deep state is working against President Trump as if she won. All the while, the left accuses Trump of planning to… Read more

[Video] The globalists are terrified of the new US Attorney General… and they are desperate to stop him

Alex Jones and Roger Stone break down why Democrats and the leftist Deep State alike are deathly afraid of President Trump’s new pick for Attorney General to replace Jeff Sessions,… Read more