Elon Musk compares Trudeau to Hitler

Musk, the world’s richest man, previously voiced his support for the trucker-led ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests in multiple tweets. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has waded back into the limelight… Read more

Canadian Doctor Calls Out Fellow Physicians for Being Complicit in State Sanctioned Murder for Covid Mandates

Dr. Roger Hodkinson calling out his fellow medical professionals for being complicit in state sponsored murder for their medical tyranny Covid response. Subscribe to our newsletter to bypass the big… Read more

Trudeau Called “Communist F**k” While Posing For Selfie

Masked Canadian PM scurries away after being called out as Marxist petty tyrant. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was called a “Communist f*ck” by a man who pretended to want… Read more

ENDLESS SHOTS: Canada just ordered 7 doses of covid vaccines for every man, woman and child

Under the limp-wristed leadership of Justin Trudeau, Canada is on a mission to “build back better” and implement a “Great Reset” – code-names for communism and population control. This system… Read more

Transgender denied Brazilian bikini wax – claims discrimination

Laywer John Carpay talks about the “right” to a Brazilian bikini wax in a case that gets down to the essence of transgender ideology. Read more

China’s “escape clause” from UN climate bullying

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Liberals KNEW carbon tax would strip BILLIONS from economy

Sheila Gunn Reid of TheRebel.media reports: The Liberals have known for at least three years that their carbon tax plan could strip upwards of $24 billion worth of the Canadian… Read more