Climate Change Predictions Were All BS

The many climate predictions from the left over the decades have proven themselves to be completely false primarily because leftists ignore the impact of the sun on climate. Paul Joseph… Read more

Trump Honors the Spirit of JFK and takes on the FED and the Military Industrial Complex

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The Deplatforming Of PewDiePie Has Begun, Learn Why

The left continues to prove they have no sense of humor as now they have chosen a popular YouTuber known as “Pewdiepie” who is politically incorrect. Alex exposes their lies… Read more

[Video] Dr. Nick Begich: The NWO Project Is Doomed To Fail

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[Video] All I Want For Christmas Is Hillary In Prison

The Clintons shouldn’t feel so smug this holiday season, Zero Hedge reports ” House Republicans will hear testimony on December 5 from the prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions… Read more

[Video] Infowars Full Show – BOMBSHELL INFO REVISITED: Atrazine Pollutes Texas Water Supply, Transgender Agenda Targeting Children Worldwide! – 20th Nov 2018

A new report exposes the chemical Atrazine, a widely use pesticide, has been found in the Texas water supply. Furthermore, Celine Dion has released a new line of “gender-neutral” clothing… Read more